Reduce time and costs by over 30% through automatic diagram data extraction

Model Broker automatically extracts information from piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), electrical diagrams or control logic diagrams in PDF, DXF or DWG format

Automatically find and extract information in engineering diagrams

Symbols, connections and text from engineering diagrams can be recognized and then translated into machine-readable formats.

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For P&IDs, electrical, and control logic diagrams

Different types of engineering diagrams can be imported and converted into relevant formats according to the end application.

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Efficient digitization of old design material

Legacy engineering diagrams can be digitized and converted into standardized formats supported by modern CAD software systems.

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Transform engineering diagrams into intelligent information models

Extracted information from legacy diagrams can be exported into machine-readable formats such as CSV tables, DEXPI, or PLCopen files.

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Automatic creation of different engineering assets

Automatically create intelligent P&IDs, equipment lists, I/Os lists, control application (PLC) software or process simulation models.

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Highly accurate and customizable configuration options

The user-friendly UI allows customization of recognition and mapping configuration. This ensures highly accurate results.

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