Reduce cost and time on your control application development

Model Broker automatically translates logic diagrams in PDF format to control application software

Faster control application software development

Automatic logic diagram translation reduces manual work required to create the control application.

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Accurate translation of logic diagrams to control application software

The logic diagram translation is based on translation rules that can be adapted to improve translation of your specific material.

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Different automation systems as target formats

Model Broker for Logic Diagrams support can be easily extended to different automation systems as translation target.

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Cloud-based service with self-hosting possibilities

Model Broker for Logic Diagrams is a cloud-based service that can also be deployed privately on your premises. Contact us for more details and become a Pilot Partner.

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Model Broker release timeline

Closed Alpha testing

Q1 2020

Beta Testing for Pilot Partners

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Q2 2020

Trial version available

Q3 2020

On-premise delivery to Pilot Partners

Model Broker release

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